Freebie: Happy Weekend!


Do you look forward to weekends? If the answer is yes, this freebie is for you! This design comes in two sizes: 3 x 4″ for pocketpage-lovers and 1.4 x 5.5cm” for planner addicts! Just press the right-click button to save the high-res images!

*This freebie is for personal use only. Please share your projects with the hashtag #rrdesignsfreebie 🙂 


Journal card – 3 x 4″



Planner Sticker – 1.4″ x 5.5 cm: size of Happy Planner




I just discovered Bullet Journaling and now I understand why a lot of people are hooked on this system! It is therapeutic and it gets me in the zone! I’ve been getting too much screen time these days, and it’s great to be able to take a break at night and disconnect from technology once in a while.

For my first journal – I chose a topic that I love the most: Creativity. One of my resolutions this year is to live a happier creative lifestyle. In order to achieve this, I must be able to keep track of the habits I want to develop: constantly learn new things about my career and hobby, work on my creative dreams in small steps, promote more work, finish the personal projects that I started, write down ideas for future projects, maximize the supplies that I have and spend less, share tips to others, find ways to be more inspired, and the list goes on….

If you are in a creative slump, I suggest that you start a Creativity Bullet Journal too! It will make you feel inspired to do your tasks and color your check boxes. Here are some ideas!


There are no rules! You may work on the prompts at your own pace. You don’t need to do them in chronological order. Start on the prompts that inspire you the most. One thing I learned from joining challenges in the past is that I never get to finish if I do them according to the Day number, it feels like a chore sometimes. 🙂 Feel free to print the list and mark the boxes. You may skip or modify the (prompts) if you can’t relate to some of them. Share this list with your crafty friends!

I’ll be using a Labrador Factory M Stitch Plain notebook, The Craft Central cream dotted pad and a Moleskine Chapters Dotted Journal. In case you’re not into BuJo, you can do this in any format that you like: notebook, art journal, lettering, scrapbook, Project Life cards, planner, etc. Sort of similar to me and my sister’s The List Project IG challenge in 2014.

Here are some of the layouts that I made for Prompt #2: Bullet Journaling lists to make, #4 Unused Supplies Inventory, #5 Podcast Tracker, #6 Creativity Books/Mags to read, #7 Albums and Scrapbooks to make, and #17 Instagram categories. Click each photo to enlarge.


I’ll create a separate blog post for these layouts where I will describe my process and provide a list of the supplies that I used.

Please share your layouts with the hashtag‪ #‎creativitybujochallenge‬ on Instagram. If you have a question about a prompt, feel free to comment on this post or message me on IG! 🙂


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Hello, WordPress!

Made the switch from Blogger to WordPress! I’ve been wanting to use WordPress as my blogging platform since 2011 but my desired username “makeideashappen” was taken during that time, so I opted for Blogger, my second choice. Some time in 2016 I wanted to give my blog a makeover, but as a designer with little coding knowledge, there’s not much I can do with Blogger’s Simple template. I did not know how to: align my text with the photos, change the accent color, make my design minimal but not too simple, make the site responsive to all devices, and so on. Last December, I checked WordPress again if I can use the same name, and yay, it’s now available! How did that happen? Thanks, Universe!

Reasons why I made the switch:

1. Blogger templates aren’t up-to-date

Since 2015, one of my creative goals is to revamp my craft blog. I wanted the design to look more current, professional and up-to-date, but there aren’t enough templates on Blogger that suited my taste. The selections are limited and are still the same after 6 years! On the other hand, WordPress offers responsive modern themes that are tablet and mobile-friendly! I’m not sure if it’s possible to customize responsive themes on Blogger via Custom CSS, I gave up on learning how to code years ago 😉

2. I want a fresh start

I feel like my old blog has too many labels/tags and it’s hard to pare them down, so I think it’s easier if I start from scratch. I won’t be transferring all of my blog content, I will just reblog my favorite posts.

3. I want to learn something new

Learning a new program is fun! It’s like playing with a new gadget. I love tinkering with an app/program’s features. Just don’t make me code a website! 😉

4. My template is more user-friendly now. It makes it easier for others to leave a comment.

Connected to Reason #1. One of my goals for this blog is to connect with other crafters and designers who share the same interests with me. Most people are viewing blogs from their phones and it’s important if the “Leave a Comment” button is easily findable/clickable, can’t seem to do that back in Blogger.